Crisis in Zimbabwe

I read this article yesterday that continues to highlight the dire straits of the people of Zimbabwe.  What they are experiencing I cannot begin to fathom.  Let us continue to pray that God would provide for their every need and that we would understand the difference between true need and want.

The Plight of Zimbabwe


I Can’t Even Begin to Fathom…

I’ve been reading articles about the problems in Zimbabwe lately.  I cannot begin to fathom the rate of inflation in that country.  Depending on the article, it seems to be between 1.5 million to 12.5 million percent.  In perspective, one article stated that a loaf of bread now costs what 12 cars did a decade ago.   The actual math on that statistic is mind boggling.

We seem to freak out when gas prices fluctuate a few cents a day…how would we respond when money became so useless that a loaf of bread cost $180,000?

I struggle to think through practical ways to be able to assist those that are in such dire straights.  How does one go about helping those with so little, except that we start by looking at ourselves and figuring out what we are wasting that others could use to survive and then find ways to take the savings and send it to those in need in such a way that they would get it.  Anyone have any good ideas?