Can We Not Tarry…?

What has happened to the mid-week prayer meeting, or special prayer groups, or extended time in prayer during worship?  How is it that most churches can have more people attend business meeting than prayer meeting?  Are decisions (too often unprayed over) about budgets, committees, and buildings more important to tend to than praying about new churches, lost individuals, and ministry opportunities?

Jesus lamented that His disciples could not stay awake long enough to tarry with Him for even one hour.  His concern was that they were going to fall into temptation (Mt 26:40).

If we don’t pray, we run the risk of entering into temptation.  Perhaps the greatest temptation is believing we can do anything of substance without going to God in prayer, or believing that we won’t fall asleep on watch for Jesus, or believing that we won’t deny Him give the right set of circumstances, or believing that we have to have God provide for us before we head a direction He is telling us to go, instead of heading His direction and trusting that He will provide in the midst of our obedience, as we go.  This sounds like trying to determine whether to walk by faith or by sight. (2 Cor. 5:7).  Walking by sight gets us nowhere quick.

I wonder what the early church would have looked like if they had walked by sight, waiting for all the obstacles to disappear before they went forward in obedience to the Great Commission?  Prayer was THE difference in the early church.  It is no different today, if we will simply invest ourselves in it.