Bare Minimum

In Mark 6:33-44,  Jesus asked the disciples to go and see how much bread there was to feed the multitudes.  They came back and replied “Five, and two fishes” (Mark 6:38b, NASB).  It’s interesting that Jesus didn’t ask how many fish there were.  The disciples took the initiative and found that out on their own.  The disciples get a bum rap most of the time…they lacked faith, they denied Jesus, they lived in fear.  But here, they did more than the bare minimum, and God was able to take it and do a miracle with it.  Sadly, we can get so comfortable in our relationship with Jesus and in “being a Christian” that we end up doing the bare minimum for Him.  In essence, we go through the motions of what might be called “the Christian life”.  We read a couple chapters from His word each day, we spend some minutes in prayer, we give our 10%, we try to witness every now and then, and then we get on with life and we believe that it’s OK.  We live as if our “life” is separate from the “Christian life” we live.  Does God deserve more than the bare minimum from us?  Does a lost and dying world where billions haven’t heard the Gospel deserve more than our bare minimum?  Do the orphans, widows, hungry, thirsty, oppressed deserve more than our bare minimum?  He gave His all for us at Calvary, can we give more than just the bare minimum for Him?  If we give more than the bare minimum, God may just be able to do a miracle through it and a lost world might finally hear about Jesus!


The Gift of Time

I threw out my 2010 calendar today.  It was a nice calendar,  given as a gift last year.  As I threw it into the trash can, I wondered whether I had done the same thing with the time given to me during the year.  This year contained 31,556,926 seconds, 525,948 minutes, 8,765 hours, 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months.  However you decide to count it, it’s gone and it is a year of time that can never be regained, recaptured, restored or re-lived.  Have I spent it well?  What have I accomplished?  Am I closer to God and living in greater obedience that I did at the start of the year?  Have I loved people around me with the love of Jesus?  Have I shared my faith and seen somebody come to Christ?

As we enter into 2011, these questions are still important to ask for the following year as well. Every day is a day we can not reclaim, and we need to live it in obedience, grace, faith, love and joy.  If we do this, we will indeed have a Happy New Year!