A few weeks ago I was was able to enjoy a nice afternoon of playing golf with a few men.  All of us had our shots that shined and shots that left a bit to be desired.  However, one thing we all did very well was to have some positive talk going back and forth as we all tried to hit a good shot or two.  "Knock it in the hole…show us how its' done….nice shot"  were a part of all of our vocabularies as we tried to spur each other on to give Tiger Woods some competition.  It was encouraging.

In fact, there was probably more encouragement during that round of golf than most Christians hear in church in an entire month.  There is something wrong with that.

Doesn't the Scripture say that we are to "encourage one another daily".  (Heb 3:13; 10:25).  We're to communicate in such a way with each other so that when this round of golf called life is played, we're equipped to stay at it and not give up.  Our speech is to be sprinkled with grace.

Why can't the encouragement of the golf course make it into the church?  We seem to find too many ways to tear each other down or at least withhold a good word.  More people will feel churches are a safe place to be when they know they will be encouraged and strengthened for whatever life may send their way.