Green Light Christians

False assumptions can be a dangerous thing.  Our world is full of them.  Old is better, new is better, change is good, change is bad, bigger is better, smaller is better, all rich people are proud, all poor people are lazy.  All of these are false assumptions that can lead to actions that aren't particularly helpful.

One of the most unfortunate false assumptions that believers make is the assumption that people don't want to hear the Gospel. If we view people as closed to the Gospel or that they wont want to listen, we will act in accordance with that false assumption and we won't tell others about Jesus.  When you assume someone doesn't want to hear what you have to say, why do you bother saying it?

What would happen if we simply changed our assumption and believed that everyone wanted to hear the good news about Jesus?  I believe that Jesus and Paul were green light people.  They acted as if they believed every person that heard the Good News was going to respond so they told everyone the good news.  That is an act of faith, believing that every time the gospel gets shared, someone will respond.  The Bible says that the Word of God will not return void (Is. 55:11).  Yet we act as if it is chained when it isn't (2 Tim 2:9).

What if we committed ourselves to be "Green Light Christians"?   What if we were to assume everyone wanted to hear about Jesus until they give us a red light that they don't?  Would this change our actions, our behavior in telling others about the Lord?  We can only pray that is does, because we live in a dark world that needs us to push back the darkness with the Light of Life.  Pray that just this week we might live as "Green Light Christians" as see how it impacts those around us.