The theme the Lord has been speaking to my heart about this month is passion.  To reach a lost and dying world more effectively is not going to take better methods or more gimmicks, but a renewed passion from the Lord that the sets our hearts on fire for Him.  When our hearts are burning for Jesus, we'll reclaim and urgency to the task of telling others Jesus saves.  We'll be reminded that our assignment is to go makes disciples and as we tell others about our Jesus, He will renew our joy and refresh our worship.  When our hearts are burning for Jesus, we'll pray with an urgency for the lost to be saved and the for God to answer in a mighty way.  When God's people were in difficult situations, they just didn't pray, they cried out unto the Lord.  Have we called out unto Him in a mighty way recently to save a lost soul, see someone healed, conquer a troublesome sin or habit.  God responds to our cries, our calling out.  We might see His hand at work so much more if we would let Him set our hearts on fire.