We vastly underestimate the power of one…the difference that one can make.  I was reminded today after receiving a nice card in the mail recently from a visit the visitation team I am a part of made.  The person wasn't home that night, but we left some CD's and a magazine and a note that we came by.  One visit made a difference to someone.

What would happen if…

We gave one percent more to the cause of Christ through the church to use to reach one more person for Jesus;

We gave up one snack food item each day and gave that one dollar to feed the hungry;

We asked God for victory over one area this coming year in which we struggle;

We made one visit or call or wrote one letter or email to someone we didn't see at church last week;

We woke up one minute earlier each day than the day before for one month and gave that time to study and prayer

God can use one…YOU…and me…to make a difference for the Kingdom!  Let's do that today!


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