Did Galveston Disappear?

It occurred to me the other day that somewhere in the midst of a presidential election and the current economic challenges we're all aware of, Galveston, TX disappeared from the map.  If memory serves me correctly, they were hit with a pretty significant hurricane the middle of September, but I can't remember the last time I heard any news report or saw any link on any news website home page link with a story about how they are doing down there.

I'm sure they are struggling even more than the rest of the nation in the midst of the challenges we all are facing.  I'm sure most have no permament home yet.  Do they have power?  Food?  Clothing? Running water?

Need doesnt disappear just because we walk away from it or ignore it.  It sure didn't in the parabale of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).  Even though the priest and the Levite turned their heads the other way and walked past, the need still was there, to be met by the Samaritan.

Sadly, there are needs we see every day and walk past, thinking they may disappear if we just walk fast enough.  But they are still there, waiting to be met by us, so we can be a beacon of light and hope to those living in a dark, hopeless world.  Let's all slow down just a little bit and be a Samaritan and stop to assist those in need and be filled with compassion as Jesus was.


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