Could It Be This Simple…?

I watched a number of short video clips on Yahoo! News this evening about a product called Plumpynut.  Plumpynut is a paste made from peanut butter, powdererd milk, powdered sugar, vitamins and minerals that contains the equivalent of a glass of milk and a multivitamin in each serving.  It is being used extensively in the country of Niger to give to children that are suffering from malnutrition.  The video clips describe some amazing results in keeping children from dying and preventing them from being hospitalized for malnutrition.  it costs a dollar a day for 2 serving per day of Plumpynut.

I am not one that normally becomes a cheerleader for some "solution" like this without a fair bit of skepticism, but this product seems almost too good to be true.  A dollar a day for a simple product that needs no refrigeration or mixing that can be easily produced and shipped to get to the worlds’ most fragile children so they can be spared the ravished of malnutrition.  Am I missing something here?

Why is our government not investing more money from the resources we send to aid the hungry and malnourished around the world?  And why isn’t the church finding a way to connect with Christian relief organizations to help produce and distribute this product and help offer life, both physical and spiritual.  This is when the church needs to step to the plate and find a way to be on the leading edge of getting ministries in place that can distribute this and have a chance to offer it in the name of Jesus.

Please check out the stories at the link and post some feedback.

Plumpynut Story


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