Awesome Never Gets Old

I caught the tail end of a commercial for a local attraction, Atlantis Marine World.  The slogan at the end was "Awesome Never Gets Old".

Oh, if that were true and we really believed that as Christians, so much would be different.  God is awesome in so many ways each and every day, and we have relegated that awesomeness to the land of the routine and mundane.  Do we  sing the chorus "Our God Is An Awesome God" and actually believe it?

At the root of not believing God is awesome is not fearing Him anymore.  The root word in Hebrew for awesome comes from the word "to fear".  It also means to revere.  When we have such a low view of God, Him and His works become commonplace and don’t inspire anything in us anymore, let alone fear, reverence, and a sense of awesomeness.

The Psalmist had a sense of the awesomeness of God.  Psalm 8 and His description of considering the heavens and the moon and the stars, and the reminder that He is majestic.

Psalm 66, where he writes:

"Say to God, "How awesome are your deeds!" (Ps 66:3, NIV).

"Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf" (Ps 66:5, NIV).

I believe that some of the revival we seek and long for will be found when we exalt God again, back to His position of majesty and awesomeness.  Much as Isaiah did when he saw God high and lifted up, when we see Him that way, we’ll fall before Him and recognize our sinfulness, and when we are cleansed, we’ll be ready to volunteer to do whatever God asks of us.


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