Are We Willing?

I was touched this week as I read of the passing of Irena Sendler, a Polish Holocoust hero that smuggled more than 2500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw ghetto during WW2.  Polish Holocaust hero dies at age 98.

In the article, it describes the great lengths that she went through, at risk to her own life, having been tortured in a prison camp, all to save precious lives of children she didn’t know so they would have a chance to live eternally.

At its heart, it sounds like the task we are called to as Christians, exerting our time, effort, and energy to give the chance for God to work to save the lives of precious people we may not know so they might have a chance to live.  We spend our energy and time on everything else, ANYTHING else, other than that.

How have we lost sight of the fact that this is THE TASK to which we are called to by Jesus?  We are called to know Him, love Him with all our heart, love our neighbors as ourselves,  and make disciples of all nations.

We never will make disciples of all nations by sitting in our houses and our churches waiting for the lost to come to us and ask about Jesus.  We are called to go.  Everything that troubles us, frustrates us, discourages us, becomes secondary when we realize we are saved by the blood of Jesus and we have the best news in the world to tell others.  We simply just don’t do it.  We may feel like we don’t know how, may feel like we can’t, but if we’ll just trust the Holy Spirit a little, He will guide our words, our thoughts, our actions.  He will give us the boldness to overcome our apprehensions and tell someone that Jesus saves. 

We needn’t wonder why our churches don’t grow, and more importantly why the Kingdom of God doesn’t grow.  It doesn’t grow because we don’t go.  As I have heard others say, we have become the sittin’ saints and the frozen chosen.

My denomination, Southern Baptists, have seen a steady decrease in baptisms for decades.  We have lost our fire, lost our zeal, lost our determination to see lost people go to heaven.  Are we, individually, doing everything we can, to share with others?  Can we find an hour or two in our week that we are currently waisting watching some stupid TV show, to get out and share some good news with a lost and hurting soul? 


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