Let Them Eat Dirt?

As I was scanning the internet for news, an interesting headline caught my eye…"Hungry Haitians Resort to Eating Dirt" .  I knew I must not be reading it correctly, so I clicked on the link
to investigate a little bit further.  Sadly, the headline accurately
described  the disturbing truth; because food prices are rising and
people make so little money, they are buying (YES, BUYING!!) dirt to be
able to make mud cookies to live on.

thought about the 3 good meals I had that day, and the numerous snacks
I didn’t need that I ate anyways and the abundant blessings and
resources God has provided to me, and it disturbed me that there should
be anyone that has to eat dirt to survive.  If we can’t be moved to
compassion, to examination, to repentance, to action when faced with
knowing there
are people around the world eating cookies made from dirt for dinner,
or worse yet, eating nothing at all and dying from hunger, then all we
have left is to pray.  To pray that God would examine our hearts that we might
regain the Lord’s compassion for the broken, bruised, wounded and weary
among us.  Jesus Himself said He came "…to preach the gospel to the
poor…" (Luke 4:18c, NKJV).  They are around us, among us, in need.
Our prayer…"Lord, give us compassion, mercy, grace and love to be an expression of
You in their midst."


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