Loving God…Loving People

At the heart of this new blogging effort are several questions I feel confident many Christians are asking, if not of others, at least of themselves.  The questions I’m asking are…How do we love God with all of our hearts?  What will God need to do in our lives to mold us into His image?  When will we experience revival individually and in our churches and in our country?  What is true worship?  What does a disciple look like in the 21st century?  What must we do to make a difference in our neighborhoods, our country and our world with issues such as food shortages, homelessness, AIDS, and war confronting us daily?  What will it take of me and of the body of Christ for us to see God graciously send revival to our lives, our churches, our land?  Are we willing to pay the price to see it happen?

There are no easy answers, and I don’t claim to have any of them.  I just know that if we really claim to love God and love people, then we must grapple with these as well as many other questions and issues.  I really want to have an interactive discussion and journey together to find how God would have us walk with Him and join Him where He is already at work.


One thought on “Loving God…Loving People

  1. Hey Kurt,
    Mark & I and other friends of ours are asking some of these same questions. We want to be in His Will, and also serve people for Him without compromising any of our Christian values. We hunger for a closer relationship with Him as the world gets crazier and scarier. It’s a great time to be a Christian and also a hard time to be a Christian. I love a lot of the things you put down that the church needs to be responding to: AIDS, hunger, homelessness, etc. Those are real to many people and God gave us instructions that the church is supposed to be the one to take up these causes and help people with them, not governments.
    Keep on praying for guidance, I know if we are asking, seeking, and praying, then the Lord will hear us and answer in a mighty way that will/can affect the whole world for Him!
    Love and miss y’all,
    Cathy & Mark

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